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Active components for transparent machine-tools


Activities planned within work package 3

Workpackage 3 is the central work package for the development of self-descriptive and transparent components, enabled for TRANSPARENCYtechnology. WP 3 started in March 2011 and has the following main objectives:

  1. To investigate in relevant data for knowledge representation of transparent machine tools and their active components.
  2. To develop a component integration architecture, which ensures the integration of components into transparent machine tools and into the Co-Design Environment.
  3. To specify and to develop HMIs for knowledge gathering and representation for transparent machine tools and their active components.
  4. To develop actual components for transparent machine tools, which are actively maintaining design and operational data and coupling back to the Co-design environment and will be based on NC-controlled systems and axes.


Role of partners involved in work package 3

IEF Werner

Responsible for the “hardware part”: Provides NC controls and related knowledge; Defines relevant process data and interfaces

Harms & Wende

Work package leader and responsible also for the specification of the component integration architecture


Responsible for the “software part”: Specification and implementation of the HMI’s and the component architecture


Acts as a “end-user”; Contributes to the specifications, and focuses on the HMI’s definition


Support for semantic technologies; link to WP 4.


State of affairs

The final demonstrator of the WP 3 active components has successfully been implemented. It is composed of an active component based on IEF Werner NC axis and on an active component for Harms&Wende’s welding control units. The NC axis has been equipped with sensors for temperature, acceleration and current control. For multi-variant data analysis, a microcontroller has been integrated. Sophisticated data mining algorithms allow for better maintenance planning and prevent damages of the NC axis. Harms&Wende implemented an active component for the condition monitoring of several IPC-based systems. With this the actual and historical values for relevant KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) can be measured. Based on this Harms&Wende is now able to detect potential failures or malfunctions during production in an early stage.

For the operation of the system, partner Gamax implemented a graphical user interface. This enables maintenance engineers and workers to have full transparent access to the component’s data and condition. Using the plug&produce features of the active components, new components can easily be integrated in the prototype. The operator immediately has access to all data and features via the HMI.

With the implementation of the prototype, the activities of WP 3 are finalized now. If you are interested in the transparent component development, the WP 3 team would be happy to answer your questions and to provide more details. Please contact the project’s coordinator to get in touch with us.


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