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The University of Nottingham (UNOTT), a research-led university with over 30,000 registered students, around 1,900 academic and research staff and an annual income of over 280 million pounds, including research awards of around £90 millions, is involved in the project through its Precision Manufacturing Centre (PMC), based in the Manufacturing Division of the Faculty of Engineering. The latter has significant experience in semantic modelling and analysis, manufacturing systems integration, engineering software development, manufacturing systems planning and modelling as well as being knowledge holders in different aspects of intelligent and reconfigurable assembly systems.

The PMC has been involved in a number of current and successfully completed projects related to the scope of TRANSPARENCY, including:

E-RACE – E-Space for Design of Reconfigurable Assembly Cells: A Eureka Factory project investigating collaborative design solutions for reconfigurable assembly cells. PMC‘s role was to develop the underlying communication methods, semantic models, and demonstration environment.

EUPASS – Evolvable Ultra Precision Assembly Systems: FP6 integrated project which developed a new methodology and two industrial demonstrators for complex assembly systems. PMC successfully developed a semantic design and validation tool to support rapid requirements-driven configuration of one-of-a-kind assembly systems.




University of Nottingham (UNOTT)
Niels Lohse

E-Mail: niels.lohse[at]nottingham.ac.uk

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