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TEKS is a privately owned French SME high tech company actively involved in process design and optimisation, training and technology exploitation. The company was established to respond to a need identified in the aerospace supply chain to introduce greater levels of process optimisation formally seen
in the automotive sector. TEKS partners have expertise in both industrial sectors
and it is focusing on difficult to process materials and components for aerospace
and motorsport sector, TEKS has its legal base close to the Alps in France,
simulation facilities in the South of France (Hyeres, Toulon) and a laboratory
testing and clean manufacturing optimisation center in UK (Rotherham) and a
lab for clean energy in UK (Porthmadog, North Wales). In addition to process
optimization, TEKS works with key collaborators to provide access to "state
of the art'' manufacturing and structural integrity testing facilities. TEKS is a
linked with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing (AMRC),
the most advanced facility for manufacturing technology in the world.

TEKS is developing new products and processes for the manufacturing and
structural analysis of novel materials for advanced aerospace and high tech
automotive applications. This is a key area of research as the aerospace
industry strives to find lighter materials and high temperature and wear
resistance materials and coatings to improve the efficiency of commercial
aircraft. In particular, TEKS is deeply involved in several industrial projects
for the development of new strategies for sustainable and cost effective

The company expertise includes:

  • Process design and optimisation
  •  Advanced materials development for automotive and aerospace applications
  •  Advanced Composite manufacturing facilities, both CFRP and Metal matrix
    Composites for aerospace and motorsport application
  • Autoadaptive Robot machining
  • Design and construction of hybrid and self configurating manufacturing systems
  • Technology exploitation
  • Web enabled training and communications
  • Technical expertise: engineering, materials development, manufacturing,
     bio-security and risk analysis.
  • TEKS is also able to provide advanced industrial manufacturing services.

TEKS main results in Transparency

The first tool is used to calculate the material removal rate MRR (see Figure 1), the required spindle power and machine feed in mm/min. For the calculation to be performed only a few parameters, which are usually available from the cutting tool manufacturer are needed. This little calculator can easily run in the background and is therefore available when setting up new cutters and therefore reducing set up time.


The second tool is a coarse granularity Life Cycle Assessment tool which will allow the development of an early “birds eye view” LCA model in the shortest time possible (see Figure 2). Primarily developed for the assessment of the manufacturing and life cycles of machine tools the tool can also be used for other LCA investigations.


The tool focuses on the carbon footprint of materials and processes and allows the comparison of 3 scenarios.


This tool will allow the users, without the need for extensive training, to assess the environmental impact (eco balance) of their product/services. This can be used to distinguish themselves from their competition.


Both tools can be used for early assessment and have been developed in MS Excel as it is widely used and well known and so reducing the need for training.



If you are interested in these tools please contact TEKS to discuss your requirements.

Figure 1: Material Removal Tool


Figure 2: summary page of the LCA tool



Roland Krain

E-Mail: roland.krain[at]teks.eu.com

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