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The TRANSPARENCY consortium consists of 12 partners from 6 European member states (Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, France and Spain). Among them, 7 SMEs, 1 industrial large company, 1 academic partner, 1 non-profit and 2 research organisations.


Geographical coverage of the consortium




The TRANSPARENCY consortium provides good coverage both in terms of technical supply chain and scientific competencies.

In respect of supply chains, high added value European machining industry, component providers, machine-tool builders, end-users as well as consultancy and technical experts are represented in the consortium.

As for the scientific competencies, representatives from academia, applied research, industry and SMEs with either machine tool or IT systems background are partners in the consortium. At the same time, influence and representation of SMEs is always ensured.

The complementarity of the consortium can be demonstrated in reference to the main domains of the TRANSPARENCY approach:


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