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What does TRANSPARENCY want to achieve?


The project aims at a vertical integration of management, design and operation of machine tools to provide long-ranging transparency for both the end users and the machine-tool builder throughout the whole life-time of the machine tool, including requirement engineering, design, manufacturing, operation, upgrading and selling/buying. Thus, an optimal knowledge management will be ensured, and the knowledge easily accessible and more efficiently applied.


Sustainable and targeted design, development and re-use of complex machine tools are facilitated if the various stakeholders in the supply chain, also acting in different moments of the life cycle, have an easy access to the pertinent knowledge domains an if these are well connected among themselves. Thus, TRANSPARENCY pursues the following specific objectives:

  • Improve the collaborative design process for specialised machine tools
  • Intensify the knowledge exchange between design and operation phase
  • Enhance life cycle costing and performance predictions for specialised machine tools



This will be achieved by a knowledge based Collaborative Co-Design Environment approach using semantic technologies (see figure below). Special attention is paid to the conceptual system design stage, the feed-back of knowledge from the operational life-cycle stages. Life-cycle performance, knowledge about produced products, and experiences of human personnel are constantly incorporated into the set of knowledge.

Handling of complexity is achieved by self-descriptive Active components and the realisation of a flexible, knowledge based Co-Design Methodology.


Advanced assessment and prediction toolswith links to commercial of the shelf simulations will assess important key performance indicators to execute virtual test cases to support especially early design decisions. This will drastically reduce costly re-design cycles in detailed design.


Furthermore, the continuous availability of dynamically assessed Life-Cycle Costing data will allow for constant total life cycle cost optimisation of the machine-tool and its components.


Via web-based collaboration and secure storage of data, the project will ensure that every responsible stakeholder will have access to all information available throughout the whole life-time of the product and towards the re-use or disposal of the machine tool or its components.


In our Download-Section you will find the downloadable versions of our project brochure and flyers. Please choose a document according to your language preference.

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