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IDEKO is an industry driven Spanish Technological Centre, specialised in machine tools with the aim to promote its customers’ technological innovation. It is part of DANOBAT Group machine tool builder and Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa (MCC) industrial group. Founded in 1986, IDEKO has the skills to understand, assimilate and develop new technological solutions, with a clear orientation towards the development of new products and the improvement of production processes. The success of a highly industrial-orientated product outcome lies on the tight collaboration bonds between the staff from IDEKO and the companies, based on genuine teamwork. There are several examples of this working practice resulting in the development of new machine tools.

Among the different machine developments with IDEKO‘s close participation the most outstanding are:

  • 1st Blade Tip Turbines Grinder for Aerospace (IDEKO -Danobat) nowadays worldwide leader in these kind of machines.
  • 1st Railway wheel-tread maintenance lathes and wheel-profile measuring system (Danorail- IDEKO)





Juan Antonio Arrieta
Tel: +34 - 943 748 000


E-Mail: jarrieta[a]ideko.es

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