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Harms&Wende has been a SME specialised in control systems in the welding sector since 1946. Its main focus is on pressure resistance welding. The company occupies the first place as supplier for automotive manufacturers and the second regarding the tier industry in Germany (e.g. Mercedes, Bentley and BMW). Harms&Wende is also a supplier to European companies such as Volvo, Faurecia and CITROEN as well as in other countries. Harms&Wende supplies to customers directly via a network of other suppliers e.g. in the areas household appliances, constructional steel. The customers are often manufacturers of welding machines who use Harms&Wende welding control systems. Harms&Wende supplies resistance welding equipment in form of control devices, quality assurance systems and complete packages to well-known machine construction companies. With the control system of Harms&Wende it is possible to master all forms of resistance welding technology such as spot, projection and seam welding. The welding controls of Harms&Wende are indispensable when considering product liability and ISO 9000 standards.

Harms&Wende currently is involved in three European research projects. The most important is the integrated project XPRESS with 18 partners coming from 9 European countries, in which Harms&Wende acts as the overall coordinator. The core research activity within XPRESS is to investigate and develop intelligent production units encapsulating knowledge about specific processes and able to perform production jobs only by receiving the task goal.



Harms & Wende GmbH & Co. KG.

Michael Peschl
Tel: +49 - 40 - 1805 1851

E-Mail: michael.peschl[a]hwh-karlsruhe.de

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