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Fraunhofer IPA (Coordinator)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA),
founded in 1959, is one of 59 institutes that make up the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The Fraunhofer IPA is one of the largest single institutes, employing around 350 engineers, technicians and administrative staff. It has an annual budget of approximately 36 million euro, with 50 percent of its revenue stemming from industrial projects.
Finding solutions to organizational and technological challenges, particularly within the production environment of industrial enterprises is, in a nutshell, the key focus of the research and development work carried out at the Fraunhofer IPA. With 14 individual departments engaged in the fields of Corporate Organization, Automation and Surface Engineering, our R&D projects aim to enhance production processes and make products more cost-effective and environmentally friendly by identifying and exploiting the potential for automation and streamlining at clients’ companies. This helps to strengthen their international competitiveness and to create new employment opportunities.
Fraunhofer IPA contributes to the TRANSPARENCY project by bringing its broad knowledge of machine-tool industry, its project experience with users of machine tools and its experience in IT-architecture development, software design and implementation. The institute covers all key elements of machine-tools design processes as it has experience in modelling, construction and simulation of the corresponding functionalities. Fraunhofer IPA also led numerous software development processes in industrial and public funded projects. The institute is active in several European platforms and initiatives and has a leading position in the MANUFUTURE platform.





Fraunhofer IPA (Coordinator)

Marcus Michen
Tel: +49 - 711 - 9701033

E-Mail: Marcus.Michen[a]ipa.fraunhofer.de

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