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FIDIA S.p.A., founded in 1974, develops, manufactures and sells Numerical Controls, Drives and Milling Machines for moulds & dies and aerospace applications. The Company is, since its creation, among the leaders in the field of Numerical Controls for the milling of complex surfaces. The high-speed milling machines product line was launched in the early nineties and gained rapidly a strong position in the moulds & dies sector. In the recent years new machine tools lines gained outstanding performances in aerospace applications.

The company has also developed and offers CAM modules suitable in particular for on line generation of part programs (HIMILL), and high performance servo drives. FIDIA opened a company site located in Bari (Italy) totally dedicated to research activities.

FIDIA is committed to developing solutions aiming at improving the NC and machine tools performances in several directions: Dynamics, Process Control and NC Architecture. Consequently, FIDIA is or has been participating in several research consortia.

FIDIA, as machine tool manufacturer, plays the role of internal end user for the tools developed within Transparency. Being a Large Enterprise, FIDIA will help the project to be industry-oriented, ensuring market take-up of new technologies.






Enrico Tamburini
Tel: +39 011 222 71 11

E-Mail: e.tamburini[a]fidia.it

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