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Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Industriali is a global provider (SME) of Enabling Technologies and high quality Engineering services, including Design and R&D, to support customers in developing innovative products and solutions which are effective from the perspectives of performance, reliability, modularity and cost. Ce.S.I. operates in 4 business areas:

MACHINERY The company specialises in the study, design and simulation of innovative equipment solutions focused on performance, reliability, modularity and cost. It has extensive experience doing this for high-performance precision machinery including CNC machine tools (milling, turning, grinding, laser cutting and boring).
ADVANCED MATERIALS In close collaboration with leading suppliers of material technologies, Ce.S.I. develops advanced, cost - effective and highly integrated product - process solutions based on CFRP composites, multifunctional sandwiches, metal & polymeric foams, smart materials, … etc.

ENERGY Design and development of energy - efficient solutions. This includes a novel wind energy generation system exploiting the tractive force of flight-controlled “power kites”, which is thought to overcome the limitations of current wind turbine generators.

MICRO - TECHNOLOGY Ce.S.I. specialises in studying, designing and simulating multifunctional motion units for ultraprecision micromechanical machining processes. Ce.S.I. also provides solutions for micro-positioning systems with inherent AVC (Active Vibration Control) based on high performance smart actuators.




Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Industriali

Gian Mauro Maneia
Tel: +39 02 26 70 70 07

E-Mail: maneia[a]cesi.net

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